Shocked: Who’s in Control?

April 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Gary Alan Fine is right

Members would be shocked to learn that PubComm approved the contract with Sage without having been allowed to read that very contract on which they voted.

Holy crap. The Disgruntled Sociologist is, indeed, shocked.  And TDS is pretty cynical.

Read the whole set of comments from Fine. How utterly depressing.

§ One Response to Shocked: Who’s in Control?

  • jeremy says:

    Ugh. Given that I participated in the orgtheory thread, I WANT IT TO BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR THAT I WAS NOT ON PUB COMM WHEN WHATEVER WAS APPROVED ABOUT THE SAGE CONTRACT WAS APPROVED and that I have never suggested anything to the contrary. My own comment was directed at Gary’s “sunshine” proposals, which were raised in the first meeting of my term.

    My understanding–very possibly incorrect–is that the Sage contract is confidential except for a designated set of people as per an agreement between ASA and Sage. One can understandably question whether ASA should permit this kind of confidentiality on something as fundamental to the intellectual lifeblood of the discipline as journal publishing, but I don’t think anybody should be surprised by the general notion that ASA might be able to get a better deal with Sage in a confidential agreement than one in which all details were available to everyone else Sage makes a deal with.

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